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Computer Graphics with Interaction (labs)

Computer Graphics with Interaction, dgi14: LABS

Note that you will keep all of your lab work throughout the course (documentation and source code) and submit it all together (see 'Submission' section below). Physical labs are organised so that you can ask questions and gain feedback on your work to date and any issues encountered.

Physical Labs

Physical labs (dates and places TBA) will take place throughout the duration of the course and will provide an opportunity to gain feedback and support on your lab work.

Lab Work

There are three labs in total. A gallery of art work from the previous year is available here.

Lab 1: Set-up and Introduction to 2D and 3D Graphics
Lab 1 Instructions (read this first)
Lab 1 Source code

Lab 2: Raytracing

Lab 2 Instructions (read this first)
Lab 2 Source code

Lab 3: Rasterisation

Lab 3 Instructions
Lab 3 Source code


Submission of the labs is due on Friday May 9th, 2014.

The recommended documentation is a well-presented, individual two to three page document per lab detailing your implementation methods (your approach to completing the lab), experiences (problems encountered, solutions) and outputs (what worked, what did not, screenshots). It should not contain many theoretical details or excessive code - source code comments can be added separately. The submission materials should consist of source code, executable and documentation for each of the three labs.

Lab submission is conducted through Bilda, under 'Event -> Assignments -> DH2323 DGI14 Lab assignment submission'. The system will open in April and close at 23:59 on 09/05/2014.

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