I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Danica Kragic at the Centre for Autonomous Systems and the Computer Vision and Active Perception Lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology , Stockholm, Sweden. I was previously involved in the EU project TOMSY and the ERC project FlexBot , I am now working on the EU FP-8 project RobDREAM .

Research Interests

  • Representations for precision/fingertip grasping
  • Adaptive grasping and in-hand manipulation
  • Dual-arm manipulation
  • Mobile Manipulation


Our joint project proposal, with KTH and HKUST, "Robotic Manipulation - Representation and Optimization (RoMRO)" for Sponsorship Scheme for Targeted Strategic Partnerships has been approved! Project website will be online soon.

Our paper "A Framework For Optimal Grasp Contact Planning" has been accepted for publication by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

I have passed my dissertation defense and received my Ph.D!

Our paper "Hierarchical Fingertip Space: A Unified Framework for Grasp Planning and In-Hand Grasp Adaptation" has been accepted for publication by IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

Our paper "On the Evolution of Fingertip Grasping Manifolds" has been accepted for publication by IEEE ICRA, Stockholm, Sweden, 2016.

Our paper "Dexterous Grasping under Shape Uncertainty" has been accepted for publication in Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

Our paper "Combinatorial Optimization for Hierarchical Contact-level Grasping" has been selected as a Finalist for the Best Student Paper Award at ICRA 2014.

Our paper "Hierarchical Fingertip Space for Multi-fingered Precision Grasping" has been accepted for publication by IEEE/RSJ IROS, 2014.

Our paper "Hierarchical Fingertip Space for Synthesizing Adaptable Fingertip Grasps" has been accepted by international workshop on Autonomous Grasping and Manipulation: An Open Challenge, IEEE ICRA, 2014.