I am currently an Assistant Professor in Machine Learning at the Robotics, Perception and Learning Lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Previously I was a researcher at KTH and postdoc at the AMPlab and the Berkeley Automation Science Lab at UC Berkeley working with Ken Goldberg's group. I am interested in the problem of finding suitable representations of the world for applications in robotics and machine learning. In particular, I am investigating models using techniques combining Machine Learning with Computational Geometry and Algebraic Topology. I completed my PhD entitled "The Bergman Kernel on Toric Kähler Manifolds" in pure mathematics under supervision of Prof. Michael Singer (now at UCL) at the University of Edinburgh. Before that, I received my BSc mathematics from Edinburgh and a Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III) from the University of Cambridge.

Master Students: I am looking for Master students interested in Deep Learning, Topological Data Analysis and Cloud Computation for Machine Learning applications in Motion Planning and Analysis and Robotic Manipulation! Drop me an email if you are interested.
Workshop: With Subhrajit Bhattacharya, Subramanian Ramamoorthy and Vijay Kumar, I am coorganizing this year's ICRA 2016
"Workshop on Emerging Topological Techniques for Robotics", Poster submission deadline: April 8th, 2016

Research Interests