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Datasäkerhet/Computer Security, 6 ECTS (in English)

Computer Security Course 2014 HT: dasak14.

Previous course instance: dasak13.


The students should be able to:

  • recognize threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems
  • explain the basic computer security terminology and concepts and use them correctly
  • find and apply documentation of security-related problems and tools
  • analyze small pieces of code or system descriptions in terms of their security
  • identify vulnerabilities of such code or descriptions and predict their corresponding threats
  • select counter-measures to identified threats and argue their effectiveness
  • compare counter-measures and evaluate their side-effects
  • present and explain their reasoning to others

such that the students can:

  • develop software or computer systems with security in mind
  • go on to more specialized topics, such as network security

Course Content

  • introduction to security
  • introduction to cryptography
  • authentication, access control, multi-level security
  • intrusion detection, firewalls
  • malware: virus/worm/trojans
  • web attacks
  • buffer overflows, secure programming
  • human factors, audits, social engineering.


Introduction to Computer Science (2D1345 or DD1340) or other corresponding course.

This course is a basis for

  • DD2449 Foundations of Cryptography.
  • DD2495 Network Security.

Old exams/Gamla tentor

2014-01-14: exam/lydelse (pdf), solution (pdf).

2012-12-14: solution/lösningar (pdf).

2012-01-10: exam/lydelse (pdf), solution/lösningar (pdf).

2011-06-01: exam/lydelse (pdf).

2010-12-14: exam/lydelse (pdf), solution/lösningar (pdf).

2010-03-18: exam/lydelse (pdf).

2009-01-07: exam/lydelse (pdf).

2008-10-20: exam/lydelse (pdf), solutions/lösningar (pdf).

2008-01-14: exam/lydelse (pdf) (till omtentor publiceras inga lösningar).

2007-10-24: exam/lydelse (pdf), solutions/lösningar (pdf).

2007-01-15: exam/lydelse (pdf) (till omtentor publiceras inga lösningar).

2006-10-18: exam/lydelse (pdf), solutions/lösningar (pdf).

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