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Lundberg, Carl
Assessment and Evaluation of Man-portable Robots for High-risk Professions in Urban Settings
PDF [3831 kb]

Appelgren, Ester
Media Convergence and Digital News Services
PDF [1291 kb]

Leckner, Sara
Is the Medium the Message?
The Impact of Digital Media on the Newspaper Concept
PDF [3877 kb]

Skantze, Gabriel
Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Managing Uncertainty, Grounding and Miscommunication
PDF [4415 kb]

Elfwing, Stefan
Embodied Evolution of Learning Abilit
PDF [9038 kb]

Loubenets, Alexei
An Immersed Finite Element Method and its Application to Multiphase Problems
PDF [888 kb]

Lindquist, Sinna
Perspectives on Cooperative Design
PDF [10820 kb]

von Schwerin, Erik
Adaptivity for Stochastic and Partial Differential Equations with Applications to Phase Transformations
PDF [5320 kb]

Cohen, Mika
Logics of Knowledge and Cryptography: Completeness and Expressiveness
PDF [899 kb]

Huss, Mikael
Computational Modelling of the Lamprey CPG - from Subcellular to Network Level
PDF [4820 kb]

Hassel, Martin
Resource Lean and Portable Automatic Text Summarization
PDF [1660 kb]

Bjurstedt, Anders
Gravure vs. Web-offset!
The Changing World of Publication Printing 1986-2006
PDF [ 2048 kb]

Nagaraj, Sanjay
The Impact of Consumer Knowledge, Information Mode and
Presentation Form on Advertising Effects
PDF [1222 kb]

Cerrato, Loredana
Investigation Communicative Feedback Phenomena across Languages and Modalities
PDF [2160 kb]

Åsén, Per-Olov
Stability of Plane Couette Flow and Pipe Poiseuille Flow
PDF [4250 kb]

Ekvall, Stefan
Robot Task Learning from Human Demonstration
PDF [6450 kb]

Hüttenrauch, Helge
From HCI to HRI: Designing Interaction for a Service Robot
PDF [8100 kb]

Räsänen, Minna
Islands of Togetherness: Rewriting Context Analysis
PDF [ 2370 kb]

Elias, Isaac
Computational Problems in Evolution Multiple Alignment, Genome Rearrangements, and Tree Reconstruction
PDF [723 kb]


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