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Svanfeldt, Gunilla
Expressiveness in Virtual Talking Faces
PDF [240 kb]

Enoksson, Emmi
Studies on Image Control for Better Reproduction in Offset
PDF [2070 kb]

Mejtoft, Thomas
Strategies in the Digital Printing Value System
PDF [1640 kb]

Strömgren, Magnus
Some PDAE Aspects of the Numerical Simulations of a CO2 Heat Pump
PDF [542 kb]

Motamed, Mohammad
Phase Space Methods for Computing Creeping Rays
PDF [2940 kb]

Topp, Elin Anna
Initial Steps Towards Human Augmented Mapping
PDF [1022 kb]

Carlsson, Jesper
Pontryagin Approximations for Optimal Design
PDF [252 kb]

Hjort, Johannes
Information Processing in the Striatum - a Computational Study
PDF [7190 kb]

Blomqvist, Ulf
Mediated peer (to peer) learning
PDF [669 kb]

Aktug, Irem
State Space Representation for Verification of Open Systems
PDF [733 kb]

Loubenets, Alexei
A New Finite Element Method for Elliptic Interface Problems
PDF [1520 kb]

Palbom, Anna
On Approximating TSD and Related Problems
PDF [681 kb]

Olsson, Elin
Mass Conserving Simulations of Two Phase Flow
PDF [1610 kb]


Anders Bjurstedt
The European Publication Printing Industry - an Industry of Profound Changes
PDF [5050 kb]

Svantesson, Anna
Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of the Pyrosequencing Reaction System
PDF [683 kb]

Rosell, Magnus
Clustering in Swedish: The Impact of some Properties of the Swedish Language on Document Clustering and an Evaluation Method
PDF [5489 kb]

Appelgren, Ester
The Influence of Media Convergence on Strategies in Newspaper Production
PDF [3840 kb]

Glimming, Johan
Dialgebraic Semantics of Typed Object Calculi
PDF [432 kb]

Suzic, Robert
Knowledge Representation and Stocastic Multi-Agent Plan Recognition
PDF [826 kb]

Rehn, Martin
Some computational aspects of attractor memory
PDF [6046 kb]

Furesjö, Fredrik
Multiple cue object recognition
PDF [15800 kb]

Trolin, Mårten
Two topics in cryptography: lattice problems and the security of protocols
PDF [1279 kb]

Huss, Mikael
Computational models of lamprey locomotor network neurons
PDF [4176 kb]

Markensten, Erik
Mind the gap: a procurement approac to integrating user-centred design in contract development
PDF [1059 kb]

von Schwerin, Erik
Convergence rates of adaptive algorithms for stochastic and partial differential equations
PDF [264 kb]

Pass, Rafael
Alternative Variants of Zero-Knowledge Proofs
PDF [775 kb]

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