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My name is Joel Brynielsson and I am the one who is responsible for the Brynielsson WWW-page. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any suggestions or corrections that you can think of. The easiest way to contact me is through e-mail:


November 8, 1997 The first version of this WWW-page was put up on the internet after some e-mail-discussions with Bill and my father Lars and maybe some more that I have forgotten.
End of February, 1998 My parents suddenly planned a trip to Florida to meet our nice family-members "over there". School was boring and after turning 24 years old my ticket would become 10 times more expensive (after 24 SAS don´t concider me as a child anymore...) so I decided to join them. They of course became very pleased to not get rid of their beloved son...

The old home-page looked ugly and Bill (our host) and Lars (my father) didn´t talk of anything else but the "new home-page" so one night we sat down and planned what this "new" home-page should contain. Bill kept on making Manhattans for us (my mother Margareta got quite tired of us) so the result wasn´t really astonishing and therefore quite a lot on these pages are made up by me afterwards.

Anyway, when I got home I simply couldn´t find the time to realize what was planned so I decided to put it on ice until summer.

(A Manhattan is a drink. At least Bill called it a drink but to me it seemed to be half a litre of ordinary Whisky. I had one and I will never have one again. Lars had two and I have never seen my father so silly before... Be aware!)

April 15, 1998 The time is 03:36 and I really should go to bed. Tomorrow is my 24:th birthday and it would be nice to get some sleep before Johanna wakes me up at 06:20 to give me all my nice presents (I hope). It´s however totally impossible to get some sleep right now so I decided to do this instead. I guess I will have to suffer tomorrow...
June 15, 1998 WinEasy decided to throw me out so now the WWW-pages are put up on a server that belongs to one of my friends. Physically the pages are now located at a place called "Fryshuset" (in Sweden this building is well known as a special place for young people).
June 24, 1998 The new server gave me the opportunity to put up a special domain just for these pages. Therefore the pages are moved to (as you might have noticed). Please change your bookmarks!
August 17-28, 1998 The whole "on-line"-editing concept was developed in the evenings (I attended a course in High Performance Computing which gave me a lot of spare time). Almost all of the application was finished but unfortunately I didn´t have the time to fix the last things.
October 8, 1998 Finally I got some hours to spare and I could finish the online-Brynielsson-member-list. I decided to put out the application on trial to Bill (#1312), Jill (#13121) and Lars (#1612) to see if it works allright.
October 11, 1998 Magnus (#1474) and Karin (#1474A) visit my parents Lars (#1612) and Margareta (#1612A) (unfortunately I was out of town). Lars and Magnus sit in front of the computer for some hours and develop some new ideas which hopefully will soon be seen on these WWW-pages (it´s actually a question of moving data from Lars computer to my computer, approx 5 metres...).

Lars and Margareta told med they had a great time (they didn´t do homepages all of the time!). Magnus also showed them some preparations for the reunion in 2001. It will be great!

October 18, 1998 The clever ideas from Lars and Magnus discussions are now transformed into a new excellent layout. The advise from father Lars were sometimes accepted by son Joel and the results became the third version of the Brynielssons homepage. However, further improvements were evident.
October 25, 1998 The reunion-letter from Magnus was converted into WWW-format to be available "on-line". Read it! An english version will hopefully be available soon.
November 4, 1998 The "on-line"-editing part now sorts the member in a good way (the members are kept sorted so the time is only linear for the sorting).

"Born name" was included in the system.

December, 1998 A lot of work has been done on the database-system this month and the system is now up with full functionality. Some work has to be done to make the system more user-friendly, though.
December 28, 1998 Today I´m located at TheParty´98 in Denmark. I have arranged buses to this place since 1991 together with my friend Erik Stridell (go to if you are interested). He helped me fix the small pictures of Anders Brynielsson (#1) and Kristina Olofsdotter (#1A) that are now present on the WWW-page. Lasse (#1612) scanned the pictures at work. (Unfortunately I have forgotten who sent the pictures to my dad.)
August 1, 1999 Lennart contributed with a lot of pictures in the #162-part of the family.
August 24, 1999 Pictures of Anders Georg Brynielsson and Gurli Swartz were added. Once again it´s Lennart who has scanned the pictures.
September 2, 1999 After suggestion from Arlin Anderson the links from the small pictures of Anders (#1) and Kristina (#1A) were changed so that they are now pointing to their info pages.

New links on the frontpage leading to soon coming stories from Bill and Magnus were added.

The frontpage got some special hidden internet-information so that it is better discovered by the search-engines.

October 7, 1999 Registration in some different search-engines so that our WWW-page can be found more easily.

A lot of small corrections such as bigger text-boxes when entering information, deletion of unnecessary back-buttons, better positioning in some tables, back-button when entering wrong information etc.

October 12, 1999 Some text corrections were made after help from Helene Trolin-Jöngren.
October 18, 1999 Some text corrections after suggestion from Arlin Anderson.
November 13, 1999 New layout on the main WWW page. Partly designed by Lars Brynielsson in Word.

The gallery was added with a lot of interesting articles and photos. The material comes from Lennart, Rune and Lars. Great job!

A lot of new photos from Rune were added to the database.

Finally an English version of the Reunion letter is now also up on the homepage.

November 18, 1999 Corrections in the letter by Eric Brynielsson (#161) in the gallery.
November 20, 1999 Lennart has made a picture with all the brothers and sisters in the first generation. It is now located in the gallery.
December 25, 1999 A new picture added to the gallery and also included in the letter by Alfrida (#18). As usual it is Lennart who has contributed.
January 1, 2000 New small pictures of all the eight children in the first generation were added to the main WWW-page.
January 3, 2000 A lot of changes and improvements have been made in the gallery. Mostly it´s Lasse (#1612) who has done the work. Most of the new pictures came up on a meeting with Lennart (#1622), Wera (#162A), Margareta (#1612A), Lars (#1612) and other relatives at Resarö.

Things are going very well right now I think. A family-meeting where information is found is a great thing. Also it´s fun to see that my father is now really good at HTML and has become a real asset for my work.

Today I recognized that my system is not 2000-secure. Cool! If you look in the log you can see that the system thinks it´s now year 100!! Got to take care of that soon...

January 6, 2000 A tree-painting-program in Java is now available.
January 10, 2000 The date is now fixed into working 2000-format.

Two new letters from Alma Elisabet Andersson (#13) and Augusta Kristina Andersson (#11) added to the gallery.

A lot of updates in the picture-part in the gallery. Lasse (#1612) found out some new information regarding the date of some photos after looking in some photo-albums together with his mother Maj (#161A).

October 29, 2000 Letters from August Emil Andersson (#12) and poems from Albert Emanuel Andersson (#17) added to the gallery.
December 10, 2000 All documents in the gallery changed so that the user now is available to go back directly to the gallery without having to go through the main WWW page.

The gallery updated with two new pictures.

The main WWW page updated with links from all pictures for faster access to detailed information.

Corrections to the reunion information regarding an outdated e-mail-address.

December 19, 2000 New Reunion information added.

The main WWW page updated for easier access to the new Reunion information.

January 7, 2001 Bold text inserted in the view person part after suggestion from the Reunion organizers.

Obsolete texts in the about-file (this page) removed.

Updates in the database with information regarding various family members are now being made on daily basis. Such reports will not be posted here anymore.

February 2, 2001 New Reunion information added.

The main WWW page updated for easier access to the new Reunion information.

February 16, 2001 The gallery updated with a church register containing Anders (#1), Anna Kristina (#1A) and their eight children.
April 8, 2001 New Reunion information added.
July 9, 2001 New functionality for extracting information from the database has been included through the View all members page. This functionality makes it possible to extract all information at the same time. Please note that this function produces a very large web page (about 150 paper pages as of today).

A page with links to other interesting places on the web has been made. The focus is on resources for the Swedish-American exchange that is typical for our family, but we have also included some resources regarding genealogy as a whole. Please let us know if you want to add a link.

Directions for the Reunion added.

New Reunion information added.

August 17, 2001 The algorithm in the tree-painting-program has been slightly updated in order to draw a more beautiful tree. It now centers a node without children.
August 27, 2001 Major clean-up after the Reunion 2001. A Reunion 2001 page containing material from the Reunion has been added. Reunion information in the main home page as well as in other pages has been removed.

The Gallery has been updated with Brynielsson Genealogy Project by Joel Brynielsson (#16121).

November 22, 2001 The Reunion 2001 page has been updated with the missing folder document containing the letters and documents from Anders (#1), Anna Kristina (#1A) and all their children (#11-#18).
December 2, 2001 Individual pages for family members updated with photos taken at the Reunion.
December 17, 2001 Information gathered through the form that was handed out at the Reunion is now in the database.

Photos from the Reunion are now up online. Later on we will add thumbnails and comments.

November 8, 2002 Launch of the second generation of these pages.

Everything is now located at the domain providing a more secure solution for the future. New possibilities provided by the new web server give rise to ideas on new functionality regarding for example statistics, e-mail, etc. The future looks promising!

November 13, 2002 Error corrections at various places had to be done due to the new server.

Newsflash about Reunion on the first page removed.

Gallery documents sorted in chronological order.

January 5, 2016 A letter from Ingegerd Brynielsson (#148), dated January 14, 2000, made it possible to straighten out the remaining question marks related to the family photo from 1938 in the gallery.

Physical location - past to present

These pages used to be located behind the web-pages of my own company Jole Data. "" was once located at a web-hotel in Stockholm called WinEasy but they decided that they could not keep any free customers anymore so I was kicked out in June 1998. Before this time "" was hosted by Arosnet in Västerås but they went bankrupt and therefore I was automaticly transferred to WinEasy.

For quite some time an old friend of mine called Kim Nordström hosted me on his server. (I doubt that you will ever read this Kim, but in case you do: Thanks!)

The CGI-scripts for "on-line"-editing of family-members has been located at the Royal Institute of Technology until November 2002.

During the summer of 2002 the web pages as well as Kim disappeared and I actually still haven't got hold of Kim. The last thing I heard was that he went for Malmö to establish a web company of some kind.

During autumn 2002 the Reunion 2001 arrangers decided that the Brynielsson web pages needed to come back up and provided funds for establishment at F S DATA where the web pages are now. The pages were re-programmed so that everything, including the dynamic parts of the pages, is located at which give extended possibilities for the future.

The web pages were moved back to KTH in April 2020.

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