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Håkan Melin
Automatic Speaker Verification on Site and by Telephone: Methods Applications and Assessment
PDF [1137 kb]

Mårten Trolin
Electronic Cash and Hierarchical Group Signatures
PDF [1810 kb]

Per-Anders Jande
Modelling Phone-Level Pronunication in Discourse Context
PDF [1600 kb]

Robert Suzic
Stochastic Multi-Agent Plan Recognition, Knowledge Representation and Simulations for Efficient Decision Making
PDF [26810 kb]

Eva Björkner
Why so Different? Aspects of Voice Characteristics in Operatic and Musical Theatre Singing
PDF [907 kb]

Maria Enroth
Developing Tools for Sustainability Management in the Graphic Arts Industry
PDF [1054 kb]

Martin Rehn
Aspects of Memory and Representation in Cortical Computation
PDF [7770 kb]

Christopher Johansson
An Attractor Memory Model of Neocortex
PDF [1660 kb]

Giampiero Salvi
Mining Speech Sounds, Machine Learning Methods for Automatic Speech Recognition and Analysis
PDF [2130 kb]

Brynielsson, Joel
A Gaming Perspective on Command and Control
PDF [1640 kb]

Öster, Anne-Marie
Computer-Based Speech Therapy Using Visual Feedback with Focus on Children with Profound Hearing Impairments
PDF [7270 kb]

Sjöbergh, Jonas
Language Technology for the Lazy - Avoiding Work by Using Statistics and Machine Learning
PDF [758 kb]

Johansson, Christer
Numerical Methods for Waveguide Modeling
PDF [4090 kb]

Johansson, Ronnie
Large-Scale Information Acquisition for Data and Information Fusion
PDF [2440 kb]

Moen, Jin
KinAesthetic Movement Interaction
Designing for the Pleasure of Motion
PDF [1654 kb]

Wallenius, Klas
Generic Support for Decision Making in Effects-Based Management of Operations
PDF [231 kb]

Möller, Joakim
Aspects of the recursive projection method applied to flow calculations.
PDF [393 kb]

Eriksson, Martin
Video based analysis and visualization of human action.
PDF [13777 kb]

Stjernqvist, Inger
Interaktiva medier i komplex försäljning: en kunskapsresa som tog en annan väg.
PDF [2424 kb]

Wikström, Douglas
On the Security of Mix-Nets and Hierarchical Group Signatures
PDF [1870 kb]

Andersson, Mats
Allestädes närvarande kunskap
Om webbplatser som informativt stöd
PDF [7670 kb]

Fahlcrantz, Carl-Magnus
On the Evaluation of Print Mottle
PDF [2770 kb]

Hincks, Rebecca
Computer Support for Learners of Spoken English
PDF [7460 kb]

Atle, Andreas
Approximations of Integral Equations for Wave Scattering
PDF [2130 kb]

Normark, Maria
Work and Technology Use in Centers of Coordination
PDF [11020 kb]

Sefi, Sandy
Computational Electromagnetics: Software Development and High Frequency Modelling of Surface Currents on Perfect Conductors
PDF [752 kb]

Guðmundsson, Reynir Leví
A numerical study of two-fluid models for dispersed two-phase flow 2005
PDF [296 kb]

Hagdal, Stefan
Hybrid Methods for Computational Electromagnetics in Frequency Domain
PDF [6200 kb]

Bigert, Johnny
Automatic and Supervised Methods in Natural Language Processing
PDF [611 kb]

Taxén, Gustav
Participatory Design in Museums: Visitor-Oriented Perspectives on Exhibition Design 2005
PDF [18316 kb]

Hast, Gustav
Beating a Random Assignment
Approximating Constraint Satisfaction Problems
PDF [596 kb]

Westermark, Pål
Models of the metabolism of the pancreatic beta-cell 2005
PDF [691 kb]

Olsson, K. Henrik A.
Model Order Reduction with Rational Krylov Methods 2005
PDF [210 kb]

Dahl, Sofia
On the beat: Human movement and timing in the production and perception of music
PDF [1070 KB]

Cepaite, Asta
Medieproducenter och mediekonsumenter i otakt?
PDF [1840 kb]

Folkesson, John
Simultaneous localization and mapping with robots.
PDF [3233 kb]

Knutsson, Ola
Developing and Evaluating Language Tools for Writers and Learners of Swedish.
PDF [17986 kb]

Appelö, Daniel
Absorbing Layers and Non-Reflecting Boundary Conditions for Wave Propagation Problems.
PDF [1453 kb]

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